Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We caught a mooring.....and a fish!

Some rough weather at the start of the cruise slowed us down a bit, but over the last week our crew has been busy recovering moorings. So far we have picked up 3 of the source moorings and the vertical receiver array mooring.

We've had some exciting moments during these recoveries! On Monday, we discovered that the mooring wire had become entangled with fishing line and our mooring had caught a rather large fish! The pictures (taken by the Able Sea Chicks good friend Mr. Lloyd Green) show the fish coming out of the water and on deck, just before it was cut off the line and fell back into the water. You should be grateful that these pictures can't convey smell! This tuna had been dead a long time and had quite a strong aroma.

There was quite a lot of line wrapped up in the mooring. The third picture shows three of our science crew (Meghan, Matt, and Jim) cleaning up the tangled wire.

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